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Warm Days and Summer nights

So nice to have some pleasant weather at long last. Almost too hot some might say! Still regardless of the weather we have some Tea and Coffee's thats just right for any time.

125g ... £4.80
A refreshing blend of china black teas with a delicate flowery scent and just the hint of berries for that promise of even better days to come. Delicious!

125g ... £4.80 

Quality black china tea with all the flavour of the tropics! Mango, peach, melon, papaya and others lend their unique and refreshing essences to bring you that summer holiday feel. The tea is garnished with petals of Sunflower roses marigold and cornflower.

250g ... £6.50
"Santos" is probably the best coffee produced from the coffee growing giant that is Brazil. Wilkinson's Santos Fair trade has a sweet and slightly nutty flavour to it medium to light body. Good any time of the day but an especially fantastic light and clean coffee to start your morning with.

250g ... £7.10
This coffee is a special coffee indeed. We have chosen this bean from the Kenyan estates. Wilkinson's roast the beans slightly higher than medium, almost an espresso roast, making it suitable for use in an espresso machine. This also further decaffeinates the coffee, making it perfect for those wanting to avoid caffeine and enjoy a full coffee flavour.

125g ... £3.55
Monsoon Washed Malabar is one of the most unique gourmet coffees sold on the market. This coffee from India also holds the distinction of being one of the most difficult to roast which adds to it mystique and rarity. Possessing a flavour like no other coffee, Monsoon Washed Malabar is a must try for the true coffee connoisseur.

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Wilkinson's of Norwich

Tea & Coffee Merchants

Welcome to our site! Wilkinson's started as a small family firm and have been trading since 1972 from the heart of Norwich, in the East of England. We have since grown to be well regarded quality tea & coffee merchants both here and in the United States.

Our emphasis is on providing the best quality products at competitive prices. You’ll see, from the following pages, that our stock is both varied and extensive. Our expert staff hand blend our own label specialty teas and our coffees are roasted and blended on-site, in comparatively small batches to keep the freshest stock available at all times. Please check back often or drop us a line via email or our contact page if by chance you do not see a tea or coffee you would like. It may well be that we will have it freshly prepared very shortly and will put your request at the top of the list when it's available once more.

If you are looking for something in particular, but are unsure of where to find it; we encourage you to try the product search bar at the top of the page. Also for your convenience the flag icons at the top of the page will instantly convert the listed prices to US Dollars or Euro's or back to Pounds Sterling once more.

Let us be your guide through the worlds' exotic tea gardens and tropical coffee groves.

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From July '08 Wilkinson's USA started to trade coffee to the US and dispatches their own coffee orders directly. In 2010 select teas were added to the line up and in 2011 they opened their first high street shop in Pensacola Florida.
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to go directly to Wilkinson's USA website. Please note that not all coffees available here will be available in the US and similarly not all of their stock can be obtained here in the UK.