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Any tea merchant worth their salt will produce some skilfully mastered blends to suit our cosmopolitan tastes.These are our 'House' Blends. Some are traditional favorites done the Wilkinsons way and others are unique to us here in Norwich. Try a sample of something particularly English from these fine Tea blends!

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Emerald Isle P.F. (Irish breakfast)

The Irish prefer what some might call a sturdy cup of tea. In order to provide the Irish with blends this strong, tea blenders supplying the market buy up top quality seasonal output from Assam and Kenya. The Assam teas are picked from the top production of the Second Flush, a period of high growth in the month of June. The Kenyans selected are usually those produced in either February or August when the most flavorful seasonal quality leaf is grown. The Assam component of this Irish blend gives the cup a strong, deep malty character with heavy layers of astringency that dry the mouth, feeling almost as if you could chew the tea. The Kenyan teas provide a bright coppery color with profound floral notes that add a complex depth to the cup. As with most teas, the longer you brew this tea the stronger it becomes. If you?re Irish, you?ll let this tea brew a good long time and then add a wee splash of milk. Milk, in the case of a tea this strong cancels out the tannins and diminishes the bitterness that can characterize some strong teas.
This Tea is also available in our American branch here.

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