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 China black leaf tends to be the favoured medium for scented teas, their delicate flavour lets the added scents and oils to come through. On this list, most of their names speak for themselves so need no description. Best drunk black with a touch of sugar.

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A common thought is that Passionfruit gets its name from its passion inducing flavour, but you would be very wrong. Rather than being named by an amorous botanist, the fruit was given its name by Jesuit priests in Brazil sometime in the 1700’s. The Jesuits who found the fruit growing in abundance there felt that the crown shaped flowers of the fruit, reminded them of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus before he was crucified, an event known as the Passion of Christ. During colonial times, as Jesuits traveled throughout South and North America, they brought the fruit with them and planted the seeds in the gardens of their missions. In fact the Jesuits were probably the first people to cultivate them in California where Passionfruits are now widely grown commercially. The flavour of Passionfruit is unique. Is has a musky guava-like character with a slightly acidic profile ranging from sweet to tart depending on the time picked. This profile makes it a perfect match with the astringency of our Ceylon tea. Fantastic hot or cold, this is one tea you’ll want to savour again and again.

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