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Central America Coffee

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Central American coffees are unique in that there are no similarities between the different coffees in this one ‘region’; each possesses a flavour and character all its own. As a matter of fact to call Central America a growing region is somewhat of a misnomer as Caribbean and other island grown coffees are often lumped in together with mainland Central America. This area of the world is often fraught with storms which sometimes, along with the small intimate nature of the growers, makes exporting difficult. Thus stocking the magnificent coffees from Central America are a privilege for us and one we delight in sharing with our customers. Check this page often to see what gems we have been able to obtain! Click Image for a specific Coffee or scroll down for the combined summary

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Guatemala - Antigua la Joya

Antigua i Guatemala is nestled in a valley surrounded by three volcanos. This La Joya plantation is on the slopes of the Acatenango volcano up to 6,200 feet above sea level.

The Plantation is shaded by prime virgin and protected forests that are a magnet for the local wild life.

Antigua la Joya, is a wonderful lively coffee bean, medium roasted to yield a brew that is both bright and citrusy with notes of cocoa.

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