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Tea Bags

 We believe, for a great tasting tea, the finest results are from using loose leaf tea, the leaves need to swim around the pot! However, for convenience, we also offer a range of teabags. Apart from our green leaf variety, the tea used here is a fine cut leaf (but not the sweepings!). This tends to give a fuller and stronger extraction, to which milk can be added if appropriate.

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Strong and flavoursome black tea.


Finely flaked Chamomile flowers sealed in a bag for your convenience.


A pleasing milder tea, that will take a little milk.


Delicate and floral black tea from the North of India. 


Just as it says, this is a variant of the popular English breakfast, specially processed to remove the caffeine without losing the flavour.


An English Breakfast blend with nothing but Fair trade approved leaf!


A traditional green china tea, heavenly scented with jasmine flowers, delicate and fragrant.


Keemun was once the original English Breakfast tea. It yields a pale and delicate brew best without milk.


The crumbled leaves of this aromatic herb also make for a fair teabag - also a lot less bulky than the raw leaf!


With the original leaf smoked over pine chippings this yields a distinctly smoky flavour.


 Pure mint herb chopped extra fine for teabag use


Dark Brewing and strong. An excellent reviving cuppa!


The Young Hyson China green tea leaves in these tea bags produce a full flavoured, refreshing infusion.