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Links and Other Sites of Interest

28 Feb 2013

Here we would like to list some of the other sites we refer to throughout the Wilkinson's Web site in one easy to browse location. If you are a related business and want to exchange links with us drop us an email.


The Norwich Lanes Association

The Local Norwich trade association we are proud to be members of! If you are in our celebrated city the directory here ought to give you ideas where to visit. After buying some good Tea & Coffee from us that is!

Our Sub page is here.

The Speciality Coffee Association

Wilkinson's of Norwich is pleased to be counted a member of this body. Their website is informative and has several things of interest for budding Coffee gourmands.

 The Fair Trade Foundation

Here is the home site of these good folk dedicated to the process of ensuring the developed worlds desire for great product doesn't come at the expense of the little guy doing his best to produce it.

 The Rainforest Alliance

On a related note this is the home site of thes noble folks. Taking a slightly different tac to the Fair Trade people. We think that between the two the producers get the best kind of help and advice.

 The Ethical Tea Partnership

As a compliment to the Fair trade Coffees we source we do our best to obtain the bulk of our teas from companies that are signed up to similar organisations. We are not a member ourselves but our primary Tea supplier is. Hence its inclusion here.