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Customer comments

03 Mar 2009

Here are a few customer comments selected at random. 

Dear Wilkinsons,
The tea arrived today. Thank you so much for sending it so promptly, I'm thrilled with it all. I used to get all my tea from a certain High Street retailer, but was recommended to you by someone in my family who gets his tea from you; and yours is quite a bit cheaper than the High Street shop. So I think I'll be getting a lot more from you in the future! Also I saw on your website that you do an 'Earl Grey fumé', so I've tried making that with some of the lapsang souchong I received today, mixing it with some Earl Grey and Assam - I'm hooked. And I'm looking forward to some rose pouchong this afternoon.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you have a very satisfied customer here!

Dominic Guyver, Warwickshire



Dear Sirs,

               Thank you for your interesting newsletter, particularly for the tip about the medium roasted Sumatran coffee.  I have a son who lives in Oulton Broad who sends me some of your coffee each Christmas.  Two Christmases ago he sent me some Sumatran High Roast and since then I have been hooked!  I find it difficult to explain what it is about the coffee that appeals to me so much.  The flavor is not particularly distinctive ( a friend described it as a homely flavour, and I'd go along with that) but it has a wonderful satisfying quality like a pint of good beer on a hot summer's day. I am not a habitual beer drinker but on such occasions a drink of beer is magical. I must now try the lighter roast and see what it does for me flavour wise.

                                                                                Best wishes,

                                                                                                   Ted Brockie

Dear Editor,
I have been a fan of Wilkinson's teas for many years.I used to shop there for all my teas etc.This was easy for me as I lived and resided in Norwich.
But for the past eleven years I have lived in Georgia U.S.A. and the only way i could get my tea was when family came to visit.I would always ask them to bring some tea from your shop. Earl grey is always top of the list..No other tea maker can make it as well as Wilkinson's
Now I am told I can buy it here.Although I have not yet because the shop is in Alabama.But when supplies get low I will of coarse.The big plus is it is still packaged in Norwich so i know the quality is still going to be good...
The whole purpose of this e-mail is to say a big thank you to Wilkinson's for making fine teas and for making it possible for me to purchase here..

                                                                                               Charles Goulding

 I am working in America at present, Norwich is my home base and I return twice a year. I came in to the shop to buy coffee in late December and mentioned I would be stocking up again before returning here - and one of your colleagues mentioned the mail order set-up. I didn't have time to come in subsequently, and found your site easily via Google search.

Coffee over here as you will know is commonly over-roasted, and it is hard
to find a comparable quality range to yours. So I look forward to the package arriving.

Best wishes, and good luck with your expansion into the US


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