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Best Camp Coffee ever.

23 Jun 2016

Dr Kett

Ah the joys of camping! The great out doors and the chance to see some of the extra special wildlife of the British isles, a fine activity any time. But recently we were contacted by a true gentleman organising such an event.

Dr Steve Kett has been a fan of our coffee for a while now, but recently he had to organise a field trip for some of his students at the  University of Middlesex  to the  Isle of Lundy ; studying the ecology and behaviour of birds and beasts   on the island.

Realising his youthful crew will be without many modern comforts (read poor or no Mobile signal/internet!) Dr Kett was determined to give them a special treat to keep them going. One phone call later we began packing up “survival supplies” in the form of some very nice “ Monsoon washed Malabar ” to warm them up after a day hiking around the island.

Our thanks to Dr Kett and team for their kind words about the coffee. Wilkinson's was very glad to help in a small way to make this wildlife project more enjoyable for the team.