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Wilkinsons of Norwich - Tea & Coffee Merchants


Postage Notes

14 Nov 2010

Will customers please be aware that The Royal mail unfortunately does not allow items greater than 1 Kilo to be sent by second class post. Therefore 1st class post must be selected if you have ordered 1 kilo+ of goods in total.  We are trying to arrange a deal with a courier firm at present to allow for the larger order to be sent as cheaply and securely as possible. Please check this page for details as time goes by.

 For our overseas clients there is another limitation that we are endeavouring to fine a way around at present. The constraints of Air mail do not allow for a package greater than 2 kilos (About 4.5 Lbs) to be sent by Air mail. Thus we ask our foreign clients to limit there selection to about 1.5 kilos net weight of goods, Allowing us about a lb for packaging the items securely enough for the trip to them.

Please view the Royal Mails website directly for more information on this.