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Story of Ceylon Tea

10 Apr 2018
The BBC published a very good article on Ceylon Tea growing this week. For those interested I thought it wise to post the link here.

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Last Orders before Christmas

02 Nov 2017

Christmas Delivery Notes 

Well the Holiday season is upon us so here is the Post offices best estimates on last posting dates;

Last Posting Date Destination
HM Forces mail – (BFPO)
27th November  Operational BFPOs
14th December  Static BFPOs
International Standard (formerly Airmail) and all International Tracking & Signature Services
2nd December Africa, Middle East
 6th December  Cyprus, Asia, Far East, Japan
7th December Caribbean, Central & South America
9th December Greece, Australia, New Zealand
13th December  Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
14th December  Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
15th December Austria, Iceland, Portugal, Spain,  Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland
16th December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

UK services
18th December  UK 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
20th December UK 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
+ Special Delivery Guaranteed
22nd December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®, Saturday Delivery


Best Camp Coffee ever.

23 Jun 2016
Ah the joys of camping! The great out doors and the chance to see some of the extra special wildlife of the British isles, a fine activity any time. But recently we were contacted by a true gentleman organising such an event.

Shop Opening Hours

23 Dec 2015
Following a comment from one of you good visitors May I for now add that the Norwich Shops opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9 am - 5:30 pm

Project 121

09 Jul 2014
Wilkinson's of Norwich is proud to announce its participation in "Project 121"; an enterprise designed to help small holders of coffee plantations throughout the world.
Each of the carefully selected small holders in the project produces a micro lot of coffee prepared and graded to meet SCAA premium grade quality (minimum 82 points). Selected high quality coffee roasters will then be given exclusive access to these micro lots for a season. So Wilkinson's and the small holders involved enter into a relationship where the farms strive to produce their very best coffee, and are given a chance to put their face to the beans their plantation produces. As roasters we have the opportunity to promote a sustainable source and receive a unique and fully traceable great quality coffee.

Peruvian Tunki Coffee - an Ethical Coffee at its finest!

12 Mar 2014

New at Wilkinson's of Norwich
Tunki Peruvian Coffee

We are pleased to announce that we have recently been able to source an amazingly fine new coffee from South America.

This exceptional coffee  is sustainably managed and grown at an elevation of 1600-1800 meters (5300-6000 feet) thus ensuring its unmistakably high acidity and clean crisp taste. The name "Tunki" comes from a locally found wild bird, these birds among other native species are allowed to flourish by careful management of the planted coffee trees. Wilkinson's have recently come into partnership with the only official UK importers of this remarkable fair trade coffee

Internet Explorer 10 users please read this

30 May 2013
Recently we have been made aware of an issue with Windows 8 and or Internet Explorer 10 (Commonly bundled with Win 8) haveing some difficulty with this website. Please ensure your chosen web browser allows Javascript commands to be run while using our shop.

Links and Other Sites of Interest

28 Feb 2013
Links to other sites mentioned in these pages and a few others collected in one handy list.

Postage Notes

14 Nov 2010
Special considerations when having good sent to you.

Customer comments

03 Mar 2009
See some kind words of feedback from our loyal customers. Perhaps what they have found enjoyable you might like to try as well.

The Legend of Kaldi

18 Jun 2008
Our own retelling of how Coffee came to be discovered in the wilds of Ethiopia...

The Rainforest Alliance

25 May 2008
Learn more about the Rainforest Alliance and why coffee that bears there Mark is some of the best for many many reasons!

The Fairtrade Foundation

21 May 2008
Want to know more about the Fair trade mark carried on selected lines?

Newsletter Archives

06 Feb 2008
Here you will find the past issues of the Monthly Wilkinsons of Norwich Newsletter. The most recent edition will be on the top and this page will be generally updated when a new edition is released. Please note that only actual subscribers to the Newsletter will be eligible for any special offers listed in it. To choose to subscribe please go to your account page and enable the check box to receive future editions.

Descriptions of Tea Types

14 Dec 2007
Apart from the most popular and well know regions, we generally list Tea by its country of Origin. However the discerning customer will be already aware of the subtle and intriguing variations within the various regions of those countries. In this article we provide a brief description and outline of the  secondary types and there characteristics.

Wilkinsons goes international!

30 Nov 2007

We are pleased to announce that the foundations were laid for a sister branch to this firm in the good old USA at the end of this month. Stay tuned to these pages for further details as they appear.

Tea Grades

15 Nov 2007

A word on grading

Apart from China’s, most teas are graded using several letters around the term ‘orange pekoe’ (Orange from Dutch royalty as the Dutch were one of the first to bring tea to the west). Pekoe is a Chinese word for leaf.

The list is exhaustive, but this is the gist of it......