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Wilkinson’s of Norwich:

Over forty years of the finest quality.   

Ron Wilkinson Himself! Mr. Ronald Wilkinson of Norwich, England had a plan. Amidst the hullabaloo of the ‘modern world’ he saw something sadly lacking. That something was the good old fashion quality and service of British old world traders. He also noticed the lack of a decent tea shop in his beloved city. No decent tea, no decent cuppa! So he got to work searching out the very best of tea. In his journey he also realised that there was a lack of good coffee and became interested in the mechanics of creating a heady and titillating brew. He discovered that brewing a cup of coffee from just roasted beans was the only true way to experience the rich and exotic flavors; the longer the passage of time from the roasting the ‘duller’ the flavor of the beans became.

Original Magdalen St Shop

The result was the 1972 grand opening of the finest shop for tea and coffee in East Anglia. The small building located on Magdalen Street in Norwich featured over 100 different teas and over 35 different of coffees. Wilkinson set himself and his shop apart by purchasing a small coffee roaster and roasting his world wide selection of beans in small batches in the back of his shop. Wilkinson’s of Norwich was now able to provide the best teas and the freshest coffee. Often the coffee was roasted just hours before it was available for purchase! You can’t get any fresher than that!



The Current Shop

In time the Magdalen Street shop was abandoned in favor of what is now Wilkinson’s present location on Lobster Lane in the City Centre of Norwich. A second roaster was purchased to keep up with the demand for freshness as old Mr. Wilkinson still refused to ‘store’ his roasted coffee. In the ensuing years Ronald Wilkinson created many trademark products. Some were at his customer’s request but most were crafted from his great love of teas and coffee.Tragically, however, Mr Wilkinson died shortly after retiring from the business which still offers many of his own trade mark recipes. Like Wilkinsons Madness and "Ron's choice"



The business’ current owners Mr. Rick Harris and his wife Debbie are dedicated to the principals that Ron Wilkinson stood for. Teas are still purchased from around the world ensuring a huge selection of the finest leaf and fruit. Wilkinson’s exotic coffees are still roasted daily in small batches for freshness. A few of the products have changed over the years, as has the coffee and tea industries. For example, Wilkinson’s is proud to offer Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance products helping to increase world awareness and unity. The Harris’ have also brought the company into the 21st century with computers and a web presence. But there is one thing that has not and will not change and that is Wilkinson’s devotion to our customers.

It was with customer loyalty (the web site brought us many American customers) and old fashion family values in mind that caused the Harris’ to cross “The Pond”. In 2007 the foundations were laid to the brand new American site. Who knows where Wilkinson’s of Norwich will go next?



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 Wilkinson's of Norwich

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Norfolk, NR2 1DQ

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Wilkinson's of Norwich

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