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Herbal Tea


As old as ancient folk-law, herbal teas are said to be beneficial for various ailments, though equally are simply wonderful for a refreshing alternative brew to enjoy. Sold in multiples of 25g due to their lightweight and best keeping properties

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Yerba Mate ( Brazilian )

Yerba Matte is one of South America’s most widely consumed and revered hot beverages. The drink is made by brewing the dry roasted leaves of the Yerba Matte tree, which is a small evergreen that is a member of the Holly family. The tree is native to the subtropical highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, and it is in those countries that the majority of Yerba Matte is consumed. In recent years, the popularity of Yerba Matte has finally begun to take hold around the world as an alternative to tea and coffee. This roasted Matte has a pleasingly astringent, smooth, roasty character that comes from the roasting process the leaves undergo after plucking. It makes a perfect pick me up in the morning since it contains more caffeine than coffee or tea, and is also rich in Vitamin C and other naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants. It is said in parts of South America “when one offers Matte, he offers friendship.” We offer you this delicious roasted Matte.
This Tea is also available in our American branch here.

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