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Coffee Blends allow the roaster to flourish, using his expertise to bring far flung beans into a wonderful marriage of complementary flavours and aromas. A signature coffee blend or roast is the hallmark of a dedicated roaster. Making a good coffee blend is something every roaster desires and Wilkinson's of Norwich is no exception. Try one of our exceptional blends today!

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Madness Blend

Wilkinsons of Norwich  Roasted Madness Blend Coffee beansMr. Wilkinson was a coffee retailer of the old school; firmly believing that the customer was always right.   Years ago, a customer returning from abroad brought in some coffee to “match”.

Ron Wilkinson, full of Yorkshire humor, reckoned he "went mad" trying to recreate the customer's coffee and thus the name Wilkinsons Madness. 

We won’t tell you how he did it but we can tell you that this mild blend of coffees from the Americas makes a smooth and easy drinking cup, suitable for any time of the day.  Best as filter ground or perhaps as a slightly coarser cafetire grind, this blend will have you appreciating the fine art of coffee blending.

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