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African coffee regions used by Wilkinson's of Norwich

Africa the land of deserts, jungles, mountains, and diamonds, she is a continent full of beauty and contrast. Archeologists call her the cradle of civilization. Indeed we at Wilkinsons must back up this claim, at least as far as civilization is concerned for Africa is the birth place of coffee.

In the region of Kaffa in the ancient land known as Abyssinia a lowly goat herd is credited with the discovery of coffee. Whether the legend is true or not recent archeological and botanical evidence place the origins of arabica coffee beans squarely in the central plains of Abyssinia, known today as modern Ethiopia.

Come with us and discover the true cradle of civilization. Treat your self to the original taste that has become a passion the world over.Wilkinson's of Norwich presents to you the finest coffee from the Dark Continent...

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Ethiopian Mocha ( Djimma )


Return to Africa CoffeeThis high grade bean is one of the true Mocha class coffee beans available in the world today. The ancestors of this coffee classic were among the first exported to the Arabian port of Mokba to be sold to the world beyond as ‘Mocha Coffee’.

Serve fresh roasted and strong brewed to achieve the desired slightly thick and velvety texture of ‘traditional’ coffee.  Mocha Djimma is characterized as having a biscuity and earthy flavour.  This flavour pairs well with chocolate as discovered by the pioneers of coffee flavouring and is probably the reason that the combination of coffee and chocolate has come to be known as Mocha.

 Djimma coffee beans, when compared to our other Ethiopian coffees, is a little smoother than its cousins the Fair Trade Sidamo coffee and the Harra Longberry coffee.  However all three African coffees are a must try for the connoisseur.

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