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China Tea

China: The land where tea began! Shrouded in mystery some 2000 years
ago her teas are as varied as this vast country. Fantastic green teas from
the mainland. Tantalising semi-fermented oolongs from Formosa (Taiwan)
Traditional black leaves and superb exotic white teas. China teas tend to
be light in flavour. We recommend to drink without milk.

We have coded the Teas by there characteristic fermentations thus
Black, Semi - Fermented,  Green and "White"

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Golden Monkey

A large twisted black leaf with golden flecks (monkey claws)from the Fujian region.  Rich and hearty with tones of toasted plum and raisin.  If you like a rich Keemun, then this is a must!  Drink fresh, hot and black.

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