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South America Coffee


South America's prime coffee regions, available at Wilkinson's (Colombian, Brazil Santos, Peruvian)South America is the largest coffee producing region in the world with many of its countries wholly dependent on coffee production and export. And thus it is no surprise that it is South American coffee that is found in most daily cuppa's. Colombian coffee is probably the most well known amongst consumers for the Arabica coffee bean while Brazil leads the pack in production of the Robusta bean. While the coffee plant is not native to South America it has certainly thrived and in the case of Colombian coffee has become the unofficial standard by which all coffees are judged.

We at Wilkinson's have carefully chosen our selection of South American coffees to reflect the very best this growing region has to offer.

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Peru La Palma ( Farmers Cooperative)

Fairly Traded Peru New and exclusive to Wilkinson's via the highly successful  project 1-2-1.. Wilkinson's is pleased to present this excellent and fairly traded, coffee from Perus Cajamarca region. 

Grown to Organic standards (According to the Soil association of Peru) at over 6,500 feet above sea level these conditions make for a quality coffee indeed. Cupping profile is officially recognised as Floral, with elements of citrus, chocolate , vanilla and caramel notes.

 This is a coffee with some great depth of flavour and if you are a fan of say Mocha coffees then you should try this as well for its highly complimentary taste. 

 Almancio Vega Vito and his wife Mari farm a portion of their farm (Finca) exclusively for this quality coffee bean. The coffee sales form the majority of the profit for the farm but they also produce a small amount of dairy products as well for the local market. 

 The coffee sales have allowed them to put their four children through school, and we are proud to become a part of this hard working families success. 

 Almancio has been a member of the Sol & Cafe co operative since 2008 and is also part of the La Palma Central association. His coffee has consistently been one of the best in that co operative in the Sol & Cafe cupping quality competitions.

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