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No one really knows who was the first to add alcohol to coffee; perhaps it was the Irish with their whiskey, or the Italians with Amaretto or maybe it was the French searching for that perfect marriage of orange and coffee via the addition of Cointreau But it is generally agreed that alcohol began the flavoured; revolution. Modern processing has picked up the flavour mantel and given us delights such as hazelnut, chocolate and vanilla. Regardless of its origins flavoured coffee has become a popular and celebrated way to have a special cuppa.

Wilkinsons uses only 100% pure Arabica coffee beans to create our flavoured coffee. We never use syrups or artificial sweeteners, only pure oils and essences to achieve our dynamic blend of coffee and flavour. The essence is added to the beans while they are still warm from the roaster to ensure the minimum amount of essence for the maximum amount of flavour.

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Wilkinson's of Norwich Amaretto  Flavoured Coffee Beans

Amaretto Coffee. Just the name brings to mind romantic evenings spent on the sun-warmed terraces of the Italian countryside. If you enjoy the subtle taste and aroma of almonds then this coffee is a must have for your flavoured coffee collection: In Italian ‘amaro’ means bitter, the ending ‘etto’ means little, thus the name Amaretto means ‘little bitter’. However with a base of sweet apricots and crushed almonds this liqueur is anything but bitter. A favourite amongst Italians this liqueur is not only consumed plain but is used extensively in cooking. It is an obvious step that it was added to coffee for a superb after dinner drink. Wilkinson’s Amaretto Coffee was created to duplicate this delicious Italian confection without the added alcohol or sugar.

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