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Coffee Blends allow the roaster to flourish, using his expertise to bring far flung beans into a wonderful marriage of complementary flavours and aromas. A signature coffee blend or roast is the hallmark of a dedicated roaster. Making a good coffee blend is something every roaster desires and Wilkinson's of Norwich is no exception. Try one of our exceptional blends today!

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Blue Mountain Blend (B.M.B.)

Wilkinsons of Norwich Roasted Blue Mountain Blend Coffee beansBlue Mountain Blend offers fine coffee beans from Central and South America along with an Africa coffee bean that results in a superb and classical cup of coffee.  Blue Mountain Blend is a favorite in nearly any coffee brewing technique; cafetire and filter are recommended. Officially a medium roast bean, this blend is not really suitable as an espresso coffee. However if you desire a smooth and bright way to start your day then Blue mountain blend  is the coffee for you.

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