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Espresso Style Coffee


Espresso style Coffee on display Espresso! A famous Italian style coffee known the world over as that small cup of hot, thick and gutsy brew with an after shock of caffeine. This traditional style of coffee is med-high roasted and ground fine for steam preparation.  Espresso coffee blends contain Aribica beans with a fist full of Robustas thrown in to give it punch and wonderful crema.
Wilkinson's carries a wide range of espresso style coffee.  Each espresso blend is different; varying in strength and flavour.  If espresso is your favorite cuppa we recommend you try them all to determine the blend most suited to your palate.


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Mayfair Espresso Blend

Wilkinsons of Norwich Espresso Roasted Mayfair Blend Coffee beansWilkinson’s Mayfair Espresso blend is an intriguing combination of African coffee beans and Indian Mysore beans.  These distinctly flavoured coffee beans blend to create a strong, smooth espresso with subtle spice notes that drinks well by itself or blends well with other flavours. 

Try this espresso in a classic Irish Cream coffee or perhaps as a cappuccino with some added chocolate.

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