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Africa Coffee


African coffee regions used by Wilkinson's of Norwich

Africa the land of deserts, jungles, mountains, and diamonds, she is a continent full of beauty and contrast. Archeologists call her the cradle of civilization. Indeed we at Wilkinsons must back up this claim, at least as far as civilization is concerned for Africa is the birth place of coffee.

In the region of Kaffa in the ancient land known as Abyssinia a lowly goat herd is credited with the discovery of coffee. Whether the legend is true or not recent archeological and botanical evidence place the origins of arabica coffee beans squarely in the central plains of Abyssinia, known today as modern Ethiopia.

Come with us and discover the true cradle of civilization. Treat your self to the original taste that has become a passion the world over.Wilkinson's of Norwich presents to you the finest coffee from the Dark Continent...

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A fine bourbon coffee from the "land of a thousand hills". Grown by a co operative of small farmers at about 2000 feet in the Gakenke district.

Clean and floral, with notes of lemon, orange delightfully fruity and zesty! 'tis a wonderful cup, best drunk without milk


Wilkinsons Yirga Cheffe Africa Coffee : Yirga Cheffe from Ethiopia

Ethiopian Limu coffee has is a light body, and clean taste that is often described as having ‘citrus’ and ‘apricot’ notes with a smooth winy finish. This delicious flavour is balanced out by its ‘earthy’ aroma; . Medium roasted, these uneven beans are a rare delight from east Africa.  We are pleased that this current lot we have been able to obtain has been Fairly Traded .


Mocha Djimma Coffee from Ethiopia Africa Mocha Djimma, called the original coffee, produces a smooth, slight thick and velvety cup. The biscuity and earthy tones are a celebrated flavour of this classic.


Wilkinsons Africa Coffee : Kenya Peaberry Kenya Peaberry comes from exactly the same plants that produce the famous Kenya AA coffee.  The difference is that these special beans pack a strong, flavoursome punch.  Like the Kenya AA, the combination of fruit and spice notes still comes through but the difference is in the nutty finish.  This coffee is for those who like Kenya AA but desire a bit more piquancy.


 Kenya AA Africa coffee beans Kenya AA is probably the most well known of the ‘gourmet’ coffees. Prized for its acidity and bright touch to the palate, Kenya AA produces a complex and well rounded cup. The interesting light fruit notes (berry and citrus) combine with a touch of spice for a brew most often drunk black. 


Wilkinsons of Norwich Continental roasted Mocha Italian  Blend Coffee beans

Mocha Italiano, pure African Mocha fired by the roasters art to a shiny almost oily finish. This is an exotic continental roasted coffee. As an espresso drink Mocha Italiano is first rate, pungent and strong, this is a cup of coffee that will wake you up in the morning. At the other end of the day this roasts great strength of taste makes this continental an ideal coffee base for a milky drink like a cafe Latte.