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Wilkinsons Yirga Cheffe Africa Coffee : Yirga Cheffe from Ethiopia

Ethiopian Limu coffee has is a light body, and clean taste that is often described as having ‘citrus’ and ‘apricot’ notes with a smooth winy finish. This delicious flavour is balanced out by its ‘earthy’ aroma; . Medium roasted, these uneven beans are a rare delight from east Africa.  We are pleased that this current lot we have been able to obtain has been Fairly Traded .


Brazilian Santos Fair trade is probably the best coffee produced from the coffee growing giant that is Brazil.  Santos Fair trade has a sweet and slightly nutty flavour to it medium to light body.  For more information on Brazilian Santos Fair trade see our newsletter archive article  here.



Jamaican Blue mountain One of Wilkinson's of Norwich Fair Trade & Special coffees Costa Rica coffee is best known for it’s bright, clean taste and high acidity. Wilkinson's roasts this coffee to medium-high to bring out the best flavour of the bean. Costa Rica coffee is considered a ‘darling’ among Central American coffees by roasters everywhere because of the magnificent aroma this bean gives off in the roast. Our current consignment of this excellent coffee has the added bonus of being sourced from Rainforest Alliance approved farmers.


Roasted with selected arabica and robusta beans from Africa, our Fair trade Continental is an elegant and strong coffee indeed. A classic coffee, simple, clean; and direct; it's intense flavour derived from the long continental roasting process. This coffee with it's distinctive bite, makes an excellent base for a Cappuccino or espresso. 




We are the official sponsor of this family run coffee farm and are proud to be the only United Kingdom stockist of this delicious Honduran bean. Medium roasted with distinct chocolate undertones. Read more...



 Decaffeinated Coffee Wilkinson's Natural Water Decaffeinated Coffee is a special coffee indeed. We have chosen this bean from the Kenyan estates. We roast the beans slightly higher than medium, almost an espresso roast, making it suitable for use in an espresso machine. This also further decaffeinates the coffee, making it perfect for those wanting to avoid caffeine and enjoy a full coffee flavour.