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Continental Roast Coffee

  Continental Roast Coffee on display

Continental Roast Coffee originates from the fine French and Belgian traditions of roasting the humble coffee bean to the utmost degree. These beans have been roasted as high as you possibly can to bring out the maximum taste of the bean. Continental coffee is even more darkly roasted than the typical Espresso. The taste of these carefully selected and powerfully flavoured beans take you in spirit right to the Champs Elysee and the street Café’s of France. Add a croissant and you have the perfect image of a continental breakfast.


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Roasted with selected arabica and robusta beans from Africa, our Fair trade Continental is an elegant and strong coffee indeed. A classic coffee, simple, clean; and direct; it's intense flavour derived from the long continental roasting process. This coffee with it's distinctive bite, makes an excellent base for a Cappuccino or espresso. 



Wilkinsons of Norwich Continental roasted Mocha Italian  Blend Coffee beans

Mocha Italiano, pure African Mocha fired by the roasters art to a shiny almost oily finish. This is an exotic continental roasted coffee. As an espresso drink Mocha Italiano is first rate, pungent and strong, this is a cup of coffee that will wake you up in the morning. At the other end of the day this roasts great strength of taste makes this continental an ideal coffee base for a milky drink like a cafe Latte.