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Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Tea


Ceylon teas from Sri Lanka are excellent mild to strong teas grown in the high hills of this Eastern Isle! Ceylon tea is excellent for blending or as listed here, drinking on its own. For a more detail description of the regions of Sri Lanka and the delicious flavour of Ceylon teas please click here.

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This garden tends to have a slightly flowery flavour that takes to milk well. A bright 'happy' tea that fills you with the promise of spring!.


Superb classic flavour, quite delicious, drink hot and black with a slice of fresh ginger. Will also take milk.


All the taste of traditional orange pekoe. Just add lemon or fresh ginger.


A full, round taste and a delicate flavour.  This can be drunk black or with a slice of lemon.


A superb orange pekoe from some of Sri Lanka's loftiest plantations high above the clouds, around 6000 ft above sea level.  Sip and enjoy it's floral bouquet, delicate and mellow yet with a twist of lemon zest.  This black tea with greenish tones is best drunk without milk, though a slice of lemon or lime we found rather good!


Sarnia Plaiderie is one of the finest tea estates situated in the Malwatte Valley Plantations.  This long, black and copper leaf produces a deep red infusion.  It has a fuller, slightly sweet taste .


A full flavour Ceylon tea with an impudent touch of briskness. Ideal with milk.