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China Tea

China: The land where tea began! Shrouded in mystery some 2000 years
ago her teas are as varied as this vast country. Fantastic green teas from
the mainland. Tantalising semi-fermented oolongs from Formosa (Taiwan)
Traditional black leaves and superb exotic white teas. China teas tend to
be light in flavour. We recommend to drink without milk.

We have coded the Teas by there characteristic fermentations thus
Black, Semi - Fermented,  Green and "White"

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A luxurious velvety leaf sprinkled with fairy dust. This magical brew is delicate and as soft as a ripe peach’s skin


Green china leaf, with a smooth gentle twist of Vanilla.


Delicate green tea . Its name translates as precious eyebrow, referring to its trim curved leaf.


Neat wiry black leaf. Very similar to a keemun with more pronounced flavour and amber colour.


Very much a lapsang souchong style though with a more robust tarry flavour


Oolong (black dragon )teas are a large grey/green leaf. Very delicate with a slight sweetness of fresh hay


A large golden leaf  rich spicy and malty.


A large twisted black leaf with golden flecks(monkey claws) from the Fujian region.  Rich and hearty with tones of toasted plum and raisin.  If you like a rich Keemun, then this is a must!  Drink fresh, hot and black.


Tight balls of broad leaf release a slightly stronger infusion.


A traditional black/green leaf, heavenly scented with jasmine flowers, delicate and fragrant, fantastic with fresh cream cake!


Perhaps the best known of China teas, Keemuns were once the original English Breakfast tea. Twisted neat black leaf giving a pale and delicate brew – classical!


Thin wirey leaf that looks deep blue/black in colour, yet releases a delicious pale green liquor of fascination


Black China tea delicately mixed with rose petals and the scent of Lotus. The very essence of the Orient in a cup.


Flat green and jade leaves release a pale yellow liquor, somewhat sweet with an almost buttery aftertaste with a delicious aroma.


Thick black leaves smoked over pine chippings and pan fired. Distinctly smoky. - You'll love it or loath it!!


Neat black leaf with a fine delicate fruity flavour


Tightly rolled grey/green leaf that unfurls into a deep primrose infusion with a pleasing twang of tannin.


Semi fermented black leaf, richly flavoured and aromatic. A slight sweetness, thats almost figgy.


Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) is a  large, feathery, almost silver leaf, its pale colour and magical flavour is elegantly spicy. 


 An almost brown leaf, earthy, musky, sold mainly for its medicinal properties. A flavour to be aquired!


Rose Pouchong is a China black leaf tea carefully infused with fragrant rosepetals. A delightful, aromatic evening tea that’s full of Summer dreams


 Green tea infused with rosepetals. Very fragrant and delicate giving a pale yellow infusion, a taste of Eden!


Translating as flourishing spring, perhaps the best well known green, a large whole leaf, smooth, fragrant and slightly fruity.


A rich emerald green oolong with a tightly rolled leaf that unfurls like a dragon's tongue. Its flavour has the most wonderful fresh-cut grass notes. A Wilkinson's favourite.


The top two leaves, a most delicate flavour with slight earthy notes


Light and refreshing large leaf oolong said to be reminiscent of ripened peaches, delicious!


Oolong with a twist! Lightly scented with orange and quite unique!


A delicate golden green infusion, with a floral aroma, a smooth body and a fruity undertone


 A most fantastic aromatic semi-green jasmine. Once the blossoms have released their volatile oils they are removed. The flavour is smooth and velvety. Caresses your tongue!


In the Guangxi province the finest young tips are harvested during the Spring and are hand sewn around Marigold blossoms to create these beautiful blooming tea flowers.  Aside from the stunning visual aspect of this green tea, one can enjoy a delicate honey coloured liquor, with a smooth, flowery flavour.


Ti quan yin oolong tea Translates as the iron goddess of compassion' a large leaf oolong with delicate, complex, almost earthy flavours


 A long twisted green leaf with silvery downy tips. A liquor the colour of a golden moon. Mellow flavour yet slightly astringent.


High grown red tea with golden tips. Has slight maltiness. On par with a mild assam. One China that will take a little milk


 A Box of unbleached filter paper sleeves for filling with your favourite Tea or Tisane!