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Japanese Tea

 Tea arrived in Japan via china in 805, it is held with great reverence and custom. The Japanese tea ceremony is so interwoven into the fabric of the country’s tradition and life. Teas are usual steamed and unfermented. Brew very lightly, it is argued, with water just off the boil. Milk or lemon is not used.

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A Sencha green tea refined with high-quality sour cherry pieces and a tempting cherry flavour. A Japenese classic.


Pure green China tea  scented with a delicious aroma of Mango's


A delicious and refreshing green tea from China. Positively bursting with citrus sunshine.


A later picking of the same sencha leaf. It is a courser cut leaf, flavour is weaker, makes an excellent cold drink.


This delicious green tea is full of warm autumnal flavours, cinnamon and plum, what a loveley combination!


Bancha leaf with added tosted and popped rice! A light brown infusion, slightly earthy and popcorny in flavour.


Roasted large leaves, pale brown in colour gives an equally light brown infusion, interesting flavour, almost tobacco-ish.


Pineapple and Coconut Sencha tea

This lovely soft green tea is refreshing and  tastes remarkably like a piña colada (without the alcohol and calories).


Large flat leaf green in colour, produces a fresh cowslip liquor. Its acquired taste is quite unique, so try it!