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Wilkinsons of Norwich - Tea & Coffee Merchants

Pure Fruit Tea

 Caffeine free and tea free. Melanges of chapped and dried pieces of fruit, petals and peels. Wonderful zany fruit infusions, great hot or made double strong and refrigerated overnight for a fantastic summer drink – some wicked people add vodka!

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Apple and Lemon is a slightly sharper flavour as one might expect but don't be put off the tang is most excellent on the pallet especially on a hot summers day


Boysenberries, an unusual fruit to some ,  a cross of Raspberries, Dewberry, Blackberries and Dewberries   but well worth a try in this delicious infusion mixture


Blood Orange rich and fruity makes an excellent cup hot or cold!


A delightful mix of woodland berries, thick purple and velvety


Mixed Red Berries, just as it says all the best redfruits combined to make this refreshing brew.


A fruity combination of apple & tangerine pieces, orange slices eucalyptus leaves, lemon grass, hibiscus and yes.. even carrot and beetroot flakes!  As its name suggests, Mediterranean Sun Tisane is warming, refreshing and lively too!



Orange and Passionfruit, intense flavours each bringing out the other.... delicious.


The ever popular pomegranate side by side with the fruity blueberry. This delicate twosome will stimulate your tastebuds with a fruity taste experience. Great to look at with its robe of royal blue cornflowers and mallow blossoms. The delightful aroma that says pure summer is something to savor as well.


Raspberry Fruits made from the pure dried fruit rather than fruits and leaves. Aromatic and flavoursome


Kiwi and Strawberry, a favorite of the summer but try anytime!


 A Box of unbleached filter paper sleeves for filling with your favourite Tea or Tisane!